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Moderator actions

Beitrag von Jordi »

Hi guys,

Sorry for my post in English, but if I would have to write this in German it would take me hours I suppose.
Just to mention right away, I can read German just fine :)

But there's something which is bothering me for quite a while now and something similar just happend again.
I have, how shall I say it, some problems with the way moderators act.

A few months ago, I had a few adds at this forum which I wanted to be removed.
So I reported those topics with the question if they could be removed.
It took ages for the moderators to get them deleted.
This happend more than once and in some cases it took over a week to get a topic removed by een moderator. I even send some messages directly to moderators to ask if the adds could be removed. But no action was taken (except for once).

And just a few minutes ago I placed a new add. But since I forgotten there was a new rule (about a price) I didn't mention any price.
By the time I found out, a few minutes after I placed the add, my whole topic was already being removed!
Is it that hard to send a message to a member if someone didn't mention prices to let him do it then?
So he/she doesn't have to make a entirely new topc with new pics and whatsoever!?
IMO it's something you do as a moderator, but it seems like I`m wrong at that point...

Any way... It's just pretty anoying to have moderators like that (no one in specific since I`m not sure who does what on here) on such a great forum as this one.
And with this topic I just wanted to get a little 'attention' for this since I`m pretty sure I`m not the only one with these experiences.



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Re: Moderator actions

Beitrag von Albino99 »

I think you have to see the way how the admins act through different eyes.
To be an admin means a lot of work. Work that has been done in your freetime that nobody pay you.
I would never do such work without get any money. So I can really say that it is great that we have some persons in this forum who do this work without earning money and don’ t think like me.
As an admin you may get a lot of inquiries. You can’t answer all the inquiries directly. From my point of view you can’t expect to get an answer in 2 up to 3 days from the admin Team. I can’t imagine that most of the admins have time to work on the forum every day. This could be a reason why you should not directly get an answer from the admin, for me this is no problem. If you want to have a better, faster service there must be someone who get paid for this extra service. But who should pay for this extra service: The forum members? I don’t think this would be a good solution. Most people would leave the forum . This is an hobby forum not a commercial classified web site with all the cost expensive service.
You said that your add in the classified section was directly deleted, because you missed out the rule that the add must include some price information. What should the admin do? Write you an short pn an tell you that you have to add prices?. It sounds good, but it’s not a feasible solution.
Imagine you were an admin, and you see 5 or 5 adds on the classified that don’t include prices. You could do it on the friendly way and write all these 5 persons a pn that they should add prices.
Then you have to check if these person really do what you told them. If they don’t changes the prices you have the following problems
1.) You spend time on writing a pn
2.) You wait getting an answer
3.) You may check the add in the classified if the prices are added
4.) Maybe you don’t get an answer within a day, so you have to delete the add after one or two days
This practice would cause the following problem:
In the meantime, where you are waiting for an answer, the add appears without a price.
Some users may will contact you as an admin and ask you:
Why does xx can offer his animals without a price an I can’t. That’s no fair.

The easiest and best way to fix these problem is to delete all the adds, that don’t follow the rules.
You avoid the discussion with a lot of people and the forummembers getting watchfull when they add new adds.

All in all I only want to say, that this forum is an very good working forum. Admins can’t care directly about everything. They do their job, sometime you have to wait a little bit, but even better to wait as to pay for such extra service
Just my two cent
I wish you a pleasant evening
best Regards


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Re: Moderator actions

Beitrag von abhikhurana »


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